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Re: Bugfix for utf-8 XTerm/MinTTY and (set-input-meta-mode t)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Bugfix for utf-8 XTerm/MinTTY and (set-input-meta-mode t)
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2021 16:06:48 -0400
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> Both XTerm and MinTTY, when configured to send meta modifier as 8th
> bit while in utf-8 mode, will first add 8th bit, and then encode
> resulting character with utf-8. For example Meta-X is encoded
> as ?x+128 = #248 codepoint, encoded as 0xc3,0xb8

How did they end up with that weird design?

I mean they could have made meta toggle the 24th bit, for example, so it
doesn't collide with other existing characters.

This design is quite weird since it breaks all the latin-1 chars of
unicode plus all the uses of meta with non-ASCII chars.

How do they encode M-λ ?
Is it also sent as the same byte-sequence as `?λ + 128 = ?л`  ?

Admittedly, it is better than the "original" meta-as-8th-bit which was
limited to ASCII, but it still seems unnecessarily limited and kludgey.


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