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Re: [PATCH] (icomplete-vertical-mode): Add support for affixations and,

From: Manuel Uberti
Subject: Re: [PATCH] (icomplete-vertical-mode): Add support for affixations and, annotations
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2021 10:25:07 +0200
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I gave icomplete-vertical-mode a try, setting icomplete-scroll to t because I am not really comfortable with rotating candidates after the great experience with Helm, Ivy, Selectrum, and Vertico.

I used icomplete-vertical-mode with Consult, and tested it with commands such as consult-ripgrep and project-find-file, which are two of the most used commands for me when I work.

Great experience so far. I too would prefer to disable the counters before the prompt (IIRC, it was me asking Daniel to make it optional on Vertico), but it's a minor thing. Great job!

All the best

Manuel Uberti

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