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Re: Emacs CLA requirement

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Emacs CLA requirement
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2021 11:44:53 -0400
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Adam Tack [2021-06-16 17:13:00] wrote:
> If I'm reading the relevant GitHub thread[0] (works with JS disabled)
> correctly, collecting copyright assignments was only finished in
> February this year, so the other factors have caused less than 10 % of
> the delay until now.

I'm just pointing out that the copyright assignment is not the only hurdle.

>> We have NonGNU ELPA for that (Magit was one of the main motivations for
>> its creation).  Yet Magit still isn't on NonGNU ELPA, and that's not for
>> copyright assignment reasons either.
> I cannot speak for Tarsius, but:
> 1. NonGNU ELPA has been in existence for less than a year.

Same as above: my point is that the copyright assignment is not the
only hurdle.

> 2. AFAIU NonGNU ELPA does not allow the package to be included in and
> distributed with Emacs, only easily installed and referenced in the
> manuals, which isn't quite the same level of inclusion or enticement.

I can't see why the manuals couldn't point to NonGNU ELPA packages.
But indeed, there's no plan to bundle NonGNU ELPA packages with Emacs.

> (I obviously would still be extremely happy if Magit were present in
> NonGNU ELPA, though.)

Wouldn't we all?  ;-)
BTW, I'll take this opportunity to remind people that NonGNU ELPA not
only exists but would welcome help to include new packages (especially
important packages like Magit).


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