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[Updated Patch] Re: [WIP PATCH] Adding keys to keymaps in alphabetical o

From: Jim Porter
Subject: [Updated Patch] Re: [WIP PATCH] Adding keys to keymaps in alphabetical order (for use with `mode-line-mode-menu')
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2021 09:50:17 -0700

On 6/23/2021 6:58 AM, Stefan Monnier wrote:
+         (sort (cdr keymap)
+               (lambda (a b)
+                 (string< (bindings--menu-item-string (cdr-safe a))
+                          (bindings--menu-item-string (cdr-safe b)))))))
+    (setcdr keymap menu-items)

I'm slightly worried about this, though -- will altering the keymap
structure have any adverse side effects?  I don't think so, and testing
a bit doesn't seem to reveal anything obvious, but we should be on the

Altering the keymap by side-effect is not dangerous in and of itself
(`define-key` does it as well).
But the above code will mess things up when applied to a keymap that has
a parent keymap.

It will also fail to do its job on menu keymaps which use a vector
rather or on composed keymaps (which can be
created "implicitly", e.g. when looking up `menu-bar` in a keymap which
has a `menu-bar` binding and which additionally inherits from a keymap
that also has a `menu-bar` binding).

To solve those issues I think one would have to `map-keymap` and return
a brand new keymap rather than modify it in-situ, AFAICT.

Attached is a patch that uses `map-keymap'. I've modeled the implementation on `keymap-canonicalize', so hopefully it's sufficiently-correct. The patch doesn't do anything special about char-ranges, but I'm not sure that matters for menus.

One difference in this patch is that `mode-line-mode-menu' itself is no longer updated after sorting. It just returns a new keymap. The performance is the same as before, which is good, and this is probably a bit safer too.

- Jim

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