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Re: Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Swedish calendar localization in official release (sv-kalender.el)?
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2021 04:23:38 +0200
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Filipp Gunbin <fgunbin@fastmail.fm> writes:

>> Would it be an idea to have those array for names in separate
>> files from hollidays and maybe shipped with Emacs. I can
>> machine-generate those for ~200 languages, and they are really small. I
>> am thinking of a file structure like: "lisp/calendar/locale/". In locale
>> directory would be one file per language named something like
>> "names-countrycode.el" (for example names-fi.el, names-sv.el,
>> names-ar.el etc). A content would be just names of days and
>> months. Content of each file would like in code belove the email.
> There're countries in which multiple languages are in use, so it's not
> sufficient to map country code to a file.  Rather, a language should be
> mapped to a file.

Yes, of course, that is what I actually meant, a file per language, but
wrote clumsy in speed country. If you check ls output from folder with
generated languages or pasted code, these are language files, not
country files: for example names-ar.el is for arabic language, names-sv
is for swedish etc.

There are entire iso standards to deal with locales, their names etc and
I don't think that calendar.el needs to implement entire ICU. I just
wish to automate parts that can be easily automated.

@Stefan, those files could be distributed as an Elpa package, they don't
need to be shipped with Emacs itself.

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