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Re: Has enriched-mode become enriched?

From: Phil Sainty
Subject: Re: Has enriched-mode become enriched?
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2021 01:39:35 +1200
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Colin Baxter wrote:

1. It used to be the case that I could set a local variable as

# Local Variables:
# mode: enriched-mode
# End:

Now the addition of mode after the hyphen gives a File local-variables
error: (void-function enriched-mode-mode). I now have to use

# Local Variables:
# mode: enriched
# End:

The latter has, to my knowledge, always been the correct/supported

Perhaps there was once support for people inadvertently including
a -mode suffix in a "mode:" file-local, but if so then that must
have been removed a while ago.  (I don't have an older version than
26.3 installed on this machine, but that certainly doesn't support
"mode: FOO-mode".)

I see that `enriched-mode' is a minor mode rather than a major mode,
though, so I'm guessing you were doing this in a version of Emacs
earlier than 24.1; either or both of these NEWS.24 entries may well
be relevant:

*** Using "mode: MINOR-MODE" to enable a minor mode is deprecated.
Instead, use "eval: (minor-mode 1)".

*** `set-auto-mode' now respects mode: local variables at the end
of files, as well as those in the -*- line.


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