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project prefix and mark-page

From: Manuel Uberti
Subject: project prefix and mark-page
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 09:49:32 +0200
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since this is more of a curiosity than a bug report I am asking it here.

I heavily rely on project.el so many of my daily Emacs interactions start with C-x p. However, if I do not release CTRL quick enough before hitting p I end up with C-x C-p, which is bound to mark-page.

Now, after C-x p I usually hit p to select a project or f to find a file in the current project. So it often happens that by mistake I hit C-x C-p p or C-x C-p f, which is not what I was after.

To avoid this, I disabled C-x C-p in my configuration since I never use it. But I was wondering: is this a "problem" only for me or are C-x p and C-x C-p too close to be bound to such different commands?

Thank you

Manuel Uberti

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