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Re: How to add pseudo vector types

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: How to add pseudo vector types
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 22:57:35 +0300
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On 26.07.2021 22:45, Yuan Fu wrote:
Last time something like these discontinuous ranges was discussed as a
general feature in Emacs, we couldn't come up with an agreed-upon
design and implementation.  So adding something like that to Emacs is
not an easy job.
We can provide both. Those who needs the more powerful ranges could use that, 
and those who don’t can use narrowing.

If one wanted to continue where the previous discussions stopped, we tentatively decided that the variable prog-indentation-context could help. I.e. when some multiple-major-mode framework wanted to tell the current major mode that there are more "ranges" of the same mode in the buffer, it would bind prog-indentation-context to some particular value.

It's very much "to be discussed later", but the second element of prog-indentation-context can be a list of those ranges, or, more likely, a functions that produces that list.

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