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Re: Adding new packages to NonGNU ELPA

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Adding new packages to NonGNU ELPA
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2021 09:06:02 -0400
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> I'm interested in adding some of the packages I maintain to NonGNU ELPA
> (e.g. clojure-mode, inf-clojure, CIDER, Projectile, crux) and I'm curious
> what's the exact process there. I already read the README and it seems that
> all I have to do is change one file (elpa-packages) and see if the packages
> build correctly afterwards,

That's about right.

> but I'm not clear on the following:
> - Does someone need to approve the packages that I suggest?
> - Should I get commit access to the repo and do the necessary changes myself?

You can send me the patch to `elpa-packages`.

> - Where's that admin/README file that elpa-packages refers to?

It's in the `elpa-admin` branch of the `elpa.git` repository (it gets
added under `admin` when you do `make` after cloning nongnu.git):


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