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Proposing elisp-eval-target for eval-last-sexp and related commands

From: Psionic K
Subject: Proposing elisp-eval-target for eval-last-sexp and related commands
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 00:11:01 +0800

Proposing to patch the eslip module so that if a buffer-local `elisp-eval-target` has been set, `eval-last-sexp` and similar commands will execute lisp in the context of another buffer.

The use case is when developing elisp to operate on non-elisp buffers, interacting with functionality for other languages such as when using LSP.

This change would bring buffer-based development in line with ielm's `ielm-change-working-buffer` behavior.

While the `eval-last-sexp` commands are very ergonomic, there is no way to direct them at another buffer without wrapping the last sexp in `with-current-buffer`.  Advising deep into `eval-last-sexp` is difficult because we must call `set-buffer` after computing the elisp we want to evaluate.

With this support available, the users can then update the buffer local in shortcut commands for buffer-based development of elisp for other modes.

I intend to develop a patch.  The main difficulty I can identify so far is setting the buffer at the correct points so that the setup for evaluation continues to occur in the correct context.

Software Engineer

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