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Re: New Context Menu

From: Iñigo Serna
Subject: Re: New Context Menu
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 18:38:19 +0200
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Hi Jean-Christophe,

On 18 August 2021 at 16:04 +02, Jean-Christophe Helary <lists@traduction-libre.org> wrote:

How is that context menu enabled ?
My (macos) right click is only a buffer list and F10 has not changed.
(working on a recent master build)

It's the new minor mode `context-menu-mode', that is disabled by default.

From the NEWS file:

*** New minor mode 'context-menu-mode' for context menus popped by 'mouse-3'. When this mode is enabled, clicking 'down-mouse-3' anywhere in the buffer pops up a menu whose contents depends on surrounding context near the mouse click. You can customize the order of the default sub-menus in
the context menu by customizing the user option
Best regards,
Iñigo Serna

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