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Re: New Context Menu

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: New Context Menu
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 21:53:53 +0200

On Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 10:28:53PM +0300, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 21:23:18 +0200
From: Ergus <spacibba@aol.com>
Cc: emacs-devel@gnu.org, juri@linkov.net

>And how do you get "Paste" in the context menu, btw?

It is just there... what do you mean?

That means your configuration should support pasting.  Or maybe
there's a bug in the condition, see mouse.el around line 400.  I don't
see "Paste" in the menu when I start a -nw session.

Once you Copy (or kill) at least once (Either with the menu or with
M-w); then the "Paste" appears in the menu automatically the next time
you press mouse-3...

The problem is that such "Paste" does not Paste but returns the error I

I am with emacs -Q -nw.

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