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Proposal: new default bindings for winner and windmove

From: Daniel Colascione
Subject: Proposal: new default bindings for winner and windmove
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2021 12:10:16 -0700
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Today, winner binds C-c LEFT  and C-c RIGHT for window configuration undo and redo, respectively. This set of bindings has three problems:

 1) the bindings occupy binding space on important keys, LEFT and RIGHT, for functions that are rarely used,

2) the winner binding space isn't logically connected to window management, and

3) the bindings don't work on terminals without LEFT and RIGHT.

How about we set up these bindings instead?

C-x 4 C-/ winner-undo

M-- C-x 4 C-/ winner-redo

This way, a winner undo has the same binding as editing undo, but under C-x 4, which means window management stuff.

(Also: is there any reason we shouldn't enable winner by default?)

Likewise, for windmove, we can bind C-x 4 {left, right, up, down} and DWIM for people automatically, enabled by default.

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