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Re: Emacs development...

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Emacs development...
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 18:25:26 +0200
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Jean-Christophe Helary <lists@traduction-libre.org> writes:

>> On Aug 23, 2021, at 1:04, Eric Abrahamsen <eric@ericabrahamsen.net> wrote:
>> "T.V Raman" <raman@google.com> writes:
>>> Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> writes:
>>> In addition to all you say below re IELM, the nugget of gold that makes
>>> it invaluable is its ability to  set the eval context buffer while
>>> remaining in the ielm buffer, see command bound to C-c b.
>> Hey, that's great! I'd also been on the fence about the value of IELM
>> over the plain old *scratch* buffer, and that's a real advantage.
>> To muddy the waters further, there's also the "emacs inspector"[1] which
>> provides another way of looking at objects and symbols. It doesn't help
>> with the original query about watching values change during execution,
>> though.
> But that makes me think that, I could possibly load package.el in ielm and run
> it from there, couldn't I ? And I'd have all the values right at hand, not 
> quite

How will you load a buffer that is not an elisp file?

> like edebug I guess, but I could actually check their value inside ielm, 
> right ?
>> [1]: https://github.com/mmontone/emacs-inspector

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