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new package: sketch-mode

From: dalanicolai
Subject: new package: sketch-mode
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 12:17:18 +0200

I am writing primarily to notify you about a package, sketch-mode, I am working on. It provides a handy interface to quickly draw svg's using, well Emacs, but in particular svg.el and transient.el.
It is handy in particular for creating svg sketches really fast, while of course, it has the advantage over other svg drawing applications that it is very hackable in your favorite langauge :)

Although, it is very usable already, the work, especially for calling it a package, is not (nearly) finished yet (for example, I am working on using svg groups, for layers and snippets, I am not sure about how to best design the interface and of course it needs (better) documentation). But because while working on it, enhancements and new features come to mind all the time, I think it would probably take "too long" to postpone this mail until the package has been finished (I have postponed this mail already for a while now).

Anyway, as I have never worked on a "new Emacs package" before, I do not know how things work exactly. In any case, I hope this message will prevent duplication of work. And, maybe if someone likes the package, then I wonder if you already have some expert feedback or even contributions (I don't expect anything in particular, but better mention it to early than too late).

I am especially targeting Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, because I have found that he wrote svg.elĀ  & dom.el (still also my primary goal is just to notify you). The package already contains some extensions for svg.el, namely a marker definition to enable drawing arrows, and a group definition to 'add support' for svg groups (in the 'groups' implemntation branch). I will be working on other features in different git branches (there is a todo list at the start of sketch-mode.el). Some more info about motivation can be found in the sketch-mode github wiki.


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