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Re: link info/html files from the GNU ELPA package page

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Re: link info/html files from the GNU ELPA package page
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2021 03:16:18 -0700
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Ok, I'll try to work on this. I should work on a branch; any preferences
for the branch name?

Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>>>> How would I go about adding html files from the :doc entry for wisi in
>>>> elpa/elpa-packages to https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/wisi.html> ?
>> I links to them, so users can read the user manuals from the ELPA
>> page. That also means the ELPA server needs to store the actual doc
>> files somewhere accessible, not just in the package tarball.
> [ Not completely sure what you wanted to write for "I links",
>   but I think the overall intent was clear enough.  ]
> Yes, that would make sense.
>>>> I assume there's some script/elisp in elpa/admin that generates
>>>> that page?
>>> It's in `elpa-admin.el`, e.g. around `elpaa--html-make-pkg`.
>> Ok. So that could add a line for ada-mode:
>>     docs: <a href="ada-mode.html">ada-mode</a>, <a 
>> href="gpr-mode.html">gpr-mode</a>
> `ada-mode.html` would link back to the package's description page
> I think, but we could have relative links like `doc/ada-mode/<foo>`.
>> Instead of just the file name, maybe we could pull the doc title from
>> the texinfo file somehow?
> That would be swell ;-)
>> And somewhere in elpaa--make-one-package it would have to save the doc
>> files somewhere, instead of deleting them after building the tarball.
> Actually, we would first have to generate HTML versions of the doc, so
> it will take a bit more effort, but yes, it can probably be done
> somewhere near the end of `elpaa--make-one-tarball-1` and the somewhere
> would presumably be relative to the directory of `tarball`, e.g.
> specified via a global like (defvar elpa--doc-subdirectory "doc/"),
> controllable by `elpa-config` with a nil value preventing the creation
> of that doc.
>         Stefan

-- Stephe

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