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Re: xterm [menu] key definition

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: xterm [menu] key definition
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2021 18:41:59 -0400
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> Yes.  Which is why I wouldn't recommend touching it with a 3-mile pole.

I took it as a dare and thus pushed Ergus's proposed change (duly
decorated with a bit of the story behind it).

It's true that it may break someone's habits somewhere but I think the
new binding at least has the virtue of having a documented justification
for it, and it may prove beneficial to a few other users.

Given the amount of discussion it raised, it feels like it deserves
a NEWS entry, yet when I tried to write it I ended up with:

    ** The escape sequence '\e[29~' in xterm is now mapped to 'menu'
    Xterm sends this sequence for both 'F16' and 'Menu' keys.
    It used to be mapped to 'print' but we couldn't find a terminal
    that uses this sequence for any kind of 'Print' key.

which seems so obscure that I'm not sure it's more helpful than harmful.


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