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Re: Easy configuration of a site-lisp directory

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Easy configuration of a site-lisp directory
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021 23:40:36 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>> Any thoughts of enabling non gnu elpa, and package.el to deal with packages 
>> in a
>> similar fashon as AUR and I guess similar solutions from other distros. What 
>> I
>> think of is that people could submit just build recipes into gnu elpa, 
>> without
>> tar-ed sources. Just the URLs or sources and the way to fetch/build and 
>> install
>> a package. Isn't it what el-get already does?
> I think you're describing what we're already doing with NonGNU ELPA.
> But there are enough weird assumptions above that I'm not
> completely sure.  E.g. you talk about "tar-ed sources", but none of GNU
> ELPA nor NonGNU ELPA have worked from "tar-ed sources", except maybe for
> the very first few months of GNU ELPA.

I was fast writing and not so clear. I ment something like this:

could I commit just a recipe where to download the sources, how to build the
package and how to install it. So when user actually installs the package,
sources are pulled from the original repository or a web page or whatever,
instead of elpa/nelpa server. Also without uploading sources themselves to the
gnu server. That would mean that packages are automatically up to date.

>> I guess anyone can clone "nelpa" and add someone elses package, but I am not 
>> sure
>> how polite that would be considered. Maybe I am wrong, maybe it is just me, 
>> but
>> I have a feeling that it is a custom practice for elpa/nelpa/melpa that 
>> authors
>> themselves sumbit packages.
> Philip Kaludercic and I both added various packages for which we're not
> the author/maintainer.  This is fine.  The maintainers need to be
> involved, tho, for all kinds of reasons, including to avoid that they
> break the package's spec.
Ok, I understand. It was just me then :-).

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