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Re: Gitlab Migration

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Gitlab Migration
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2021 17:16:00 +1000
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Daniel Fleischer <danflscr@gmail.com> writes:

> Philip Kaludercic [2021-08-26 Thu 17:24]  *wrote*:
>> Shouldn't it be easier to send an email than create an account, navigate
>> some web UI and fill in some form? The same goes for
>> patches. Git{Lab,Hub} usually requires leaving the development context,
>> to prepare a patch online, that requires "forking", more navigation and
>> more fora. Just today I tried preparing a "pull request" on GitLab and
>> didn't manage to do so, because it insisted on merging the commit into
>> my own repository, no matter what I did. Just attaching a git patch
>> seems much easier.
> I explicitly don't want to get into questions of what is easier because
> we can't answer these objectively. Each person is used to something else
> which they consider easier, where the getting used to is a long
> mental process depending on personal preference and outside influence.
> I can say objectively that one form of workflow is more popular than
> another so people would be more familiar with it.

I also don't think it is an either/or choice. It should be possible to
support both email based workflows as well as web UI based ones. 

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