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Re: Gitlab Migration

From: Alexander Adolf
Subject: Re: Gitlab Migration
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:13:50 +0200

Alexander Adolf <alexander.adolf@condition-alpha.com> writes:

> [...]
> Finally, a remark on issue/bug tracking. I have used a great many
> trackers, and debbugs and Bugzilla stand out from the crowd. By a huge
> margin. The differentiating feature is blocks/depends-on. Many issue
> trackers (including those in the various git hosting platforms) lack
> this feature altogether. Those trackers who have it, often provide a
> limited flavour, e.g. limiting it to one level (i.e. a bug that blocks
> another bug, can itself not be blocked by other bugs), or make it
> awkward to use (e.g. you have to create a new bug as a subtask of
> an existing one, and existing bugs cannot be made into subtasks any more
> once created).
> Hence my plea: debbugs ought to remain part of whatever any new system
> might be.
> [...]

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