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Re: Better emoji support

From: Kévin Le Gouguec
Subject: Re: Better emoji support
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:51:04 +0200
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Hi Robert, thanks for this!

I've tried your changes out and they work mostly as I expected; I'm
observing something I can't quite explain though, I don't know if this
behaviour is intended or not:

With emacs -Q, M-x check-emoji-coverage "Noto Color Emoji" initially
yields this:

> #*0©®↔▶◀☎♀♂♠♣♥♨🛝🟰🥹🧌🩻🪩🪷🫃🫗🫠🫰

With an init file that sets font-use-system-font to t, I get:

> #*0©®‼⁉↔↩⌚⌨Ⓜ▪▶◀◻☀☂☄☎☑☝☠☢☦☪☮☯☸☺♀♂♈♟♠♣♥♨♻✂✈✒✔✖✝✡✳❄❇❣❤➡🛝🟰🥹🧌🩻🪩🪷🫃🫗🫠🫰

In both cases, if I then run:

> (set-fontset-font t 'emoji "Noto Color Emoji" nil 'prepend)

and re-run check-emoji-coverage, I get this:

> #*0©®🛝🟰🥹🧌🩻🪩🪷🫃🫗🫠🫰

… which is what I would expect (i.e. mostly Unicode 14 codepoints which
are not covered yet).

I see that fontset.el specifies FONT-SPEC as '("Noto Color Emoji"
. "iso10646-1"), but I don't see why that should discriminate against
any Unicode character?

Again, thanks for making Emoji easier to tweak in Emacs.

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