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[ELPA] Want to submit two packages "ilist" and "blist"

From: Durand
Subject: [ELPA] Want to submit two packages "ilist" and "blist"
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2021 12:41:46 +0800
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I have written two Emacs pacakges, called "ilist" and "blist" (the
former is the "engine", and hence a dependency, of the latter).  Now I
am thinking about submitting the packages to GNU ELPA.

The package "blist" is to display the list of bookmarks, in the sense of
"bookmark.el", in a similar way as Ibuffer.

The two packages can be found via the following links:


I heard that I should sign some copyright assignment paper.  Could you
please send me the form for the copyright assignment to the Free
Software Foundation?

I know nothing about the submission process, so send a mail to ask for
details.  Any responses are appreciated, and thanks in advance in any


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