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RE: [External] : [ELPA] Want to submit two packages "ilist" and "blist"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : [ELPA] Want to submit two packages "ilist" and "blist"
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 04:18:37 +0000

> my main motivation was the Ibuffer-like display, and
> Bookmark+ does not seem to provide one (at least I
> cannot tell from its docs), so I wrote BList anyways.  :)

I see.  I took a look, but it's not clear to
me what the display differences are.  What's
an example of an Ibuffer-like display feature
that you're thinking of here?

> That being said, have you looked into `blist-select' and
> `blist-select-manner'?  I think that is probably the
> "strangest" feature of this package, and hence the most
> likely to be new.  It might be fun anyways.  :)

I see.  No, I hadn't noticed that.  Apparently
it's about which windows to use for bookmark
targets, when you open ("jump to") multiple
bookmarks.  You can do that in various
configurations, such as a spiral of windows.

By default, Bookmark+ uses only the same or
other window - or other frame.  When jumping
to the marked bookmarks, other windows are
used (other-frames if `pop-up-frames').

[But you can use anything as a bookmark "jump"
function.  And different types of bookmarks
can have their type-specific jump functions.
(And some kinds of bookmarks don't need to
use windows at all: their "locations" are
something else.)]

> > can directly use the many existing Bookmark+
> > type predicates in Blist filter groups
> I am not using Bookmark+ myself.  Surely I can recommend to use
> Bookmark+ features in the documentations / README.  Or are you
> suggesting for blist to depend on and extend Bookmark+?

No, no.  I was just mentioning that some type
predicates exist, and they work fine with Blist.

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