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Re: master 5252c45: Initialise unread buffer

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: master 5252c45: Initialise unread buffer
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2021 16:44:59 +0200
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Mattias Engdegård <mattiase@acm.org> writes:

> It's more fun actually. Thanks to the fixed reader bug, the
> lexical-binding cookie is now honoured in loadup.el. That causes Emacs
> to be dumped with `lexical-binding` set to t which as a consequence
> becomes the new default.

Heh.  The reader bug was a case of a bug leading to desirable behaviour
(accidentally).  They're the worst.

> Actually, any code in `ert-deftest` uses dynamic binding (until the
> accidental switch), regardless of the file cookie. Not many people
> know that.

I did not know that.

> I'm not sure why the byte-code interpreter makes a copy of the byte
> code for each function call. It certainly doesn't help the lamentably
> high function call overhead a bit.


> There's a number of things to fix here, but this message is too long
> already. Thanks for your interest! There are books for sale in the
> foyer.


Amazing debugging.

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