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Re: Codifying some aspects of Elisp code style and improving pretty prin

From: akater
Subject: Re: Codifying some aspects of Elisp code style and improving pretty printer
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 15:15:10 +0000

"Bozhidar Batsov" <bozhidar@batsov.dev> writes:

> Style discussions tend to quickly digress into endless bikeshedding,
> so be careful what you wish for. :-)

One of the points of my suggestion is to ensure there'd be no such
discussions, at least in mailing lists / issue trackers.  In the absence
of both such rule and codified style practices, it leads to more
arguing, or at the very least temptation to.  I just had a patch merged
with such stylistic edits.  If there was a clear rule on such
discussions, that'd be it.  If there were stylistic guidelines, I would
adhere to them in the first place and there would be even less hassle.

But I don't think in Lisp this could be enforced in its entirety which
is why I said that indentation mechanism should not attempt to enforce
this.  It's very subjective.  Often, I want to keep a long line and a
couple of moments afterwards I decide that it's too long after all.

Lisp is very flexible even when it comes to code arrangement, and
personal taste matters a lot.  I don't think it can be automated.  Well,
maybe symbols in let bindings can be indented automatically to fill the
empty space but that's that, and even then, sometimes I arrange
interconncted variabls in groups, each on its own line.  A linter would
wreck that, in general.

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