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Re: Draw and Scribble Notes in GNU Emacs (Schematics)

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: Draw and Scribble Notes in GNU Emacs (Schematics)
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 14:10:01 +0200
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>>> "AT" == Anand Tamariya <atamariya@gmail.com> writes:

>> But what does this have to do with note-taking in Emacs?
>> Doesn't your note-taking support work on all systems?

> You are right. This has no OS specific code. So it should work on all
> systems where SVG in Emacs is supported.

Ok, but then it is not really a notes-taking support, at least not as
the word is used right now, especially after the corona lockdown where a
lot of people used Bluetooth based pens for taking long notes, if it
were pen+paper. Note taking apps are programs such as notablity
good-notes, zoom-notes etc etc on the Ipad and to some extend on

That implementation of yours, as nice as it is, is a different beast
then. I think it is worth to clarify that.

May I suggest ┬źdraw notes┬╗.


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