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Re: More reliable byte compilation, take 45

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: More reliable byte compilation, take 45
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 15:18:30 -0400
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> Why do you assume that starting from .elc will have fewer problems
> than starting from .el?

Converting a `.elc` file to a `.eln` file can be done by a pure function
with no need for any extra information.

In contrast, converting a `.el` to a `.elc` or `.eln` requires extra
information (typically extra files that define macros and functions used
during macro expansion, plus `load-path` settings to find those files, or
commands to load those files, sometimes in a particular order).

Often this extra information follows the usual practice, in which case
Emacs will find that info without us noticing, but not always (in which
case you'll typically need a special Makefile to build the package, or
an extra ELisp file dedicated to compiling the other files).

ELPA has encouraged packages to better follow the usual practice, but
we're still not out of the woods.


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