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Re: Do shorthands break basic tooling (tags, grep, etc)? (was Re: Shorth

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: Do shorthands break basic tooling (tags, grep, etc)? (was Re: Shorthands have landed on master)
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2021 14:12:35 +0100
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Gregory Heytings <gregory@heytings.org> writes:

>>> Interesting.  A few days ago you still believed that name spaces
>>> are [A], and one of the "mistaken minds" told you that they are not
>>> [A], but [B]. Now you believe that they are both [A] and [B]. 
>>> Perhaps in a week you'll realize that they are [B], not [A].
>> the statements you make are false.
> If you say so.  Anyone can look at the archives.

OK, so let's:

In https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2021-10/msg00125.html,
I wrote:

>> For me "namespaces" are about allowing the same thing to be invoked
>> by different names, depending on context.

It's clear to that if things can have two names _depending on context_
then, _in two different contexts_, the same name might be used for
different things.  Is that corollary not clear from my sentence?  I'm
sorry I wasn't trying to give a scientific definition.

This isn't "the complete opposite of namespacing", or "aliasing" as you
defined it, because aliasing (at least as it exists in Emacs) is global,
i.e. not depending on context.  This is where your mind is mistaken.

Not to mention that bikeshedding what namespaces are is completely
useless to the discussion at hand.  Shorthands are a reality, they have
a real implementation and they do what they do to solve specific Emacs
problems and is what I explained many times and is clear in the manual.

_You_ not I, go out of your way to write an email that twists my
statement so that it seems that I contradicted myself and the sheer
factual reality of the feature I implemented.  That is false.  And then
you say that "in a week" I'll say something else.  That's intentional
and gratutious harrassment, aka "trolling".  I have no time to indulge
that fantasy.


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