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Re: "C-x 5 5" vs "C-x 4 1" inconsistency

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: "C-x 5 5" vs "C-x 4 1" inconsistency
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 22:02:43 +0300
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>> The prefix 'C-x 5' is for frames, so 'C-x 5 5' creates a new frame.
>> The prefix 'C-x 4' is for windows, so 'C-x 4 4' creates a new window.
>> Also like 'C-x 1' keeps the selected window, 'C-x 4 1' shows the next
>> buffer in the same window while keeping it selected.
> And what do you say about the other examples I gave above?
> It was always the rule with these commands that similar operations
> have the same "final" keys.  Now you've broken this.  I think this is
> not a good situation.  It will definitely get in the way of my
> remembering which one is which.

All current keybindings already have the same final keys, e.g.

C-x 4 4 C-h i   - opens Info in a new window
C-x 5 5 C-h i   - opens Info in a new frame

Their final keys are the same.

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