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Re: Elisp LSP Server

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Elisp LSP Server
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 13:20:43 +0800
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Ag Ibragimov <agzam.ibragimov@gmail.com> writes:

> But finally, eglot and lsp-mode started challenging this status-quo. And
> I honestly think we should embrace these efforts and pave the way for
> Emacs to become the ultimate, egalitarian programming environment for
> everyone. I hate to bring this up again, but VSCode (if you haven't yet
> noticed) is already ahead of us in this competition. No, I don't think
> I'm exaggerating. I think it's an accurate assessment. Yes, Emacs still
> has a few cards up the sleeve, but for how long?

But again, making a language server for Emacs Lisp will not improve
Emacs' support for other programing languages.

And it will encourage Emacs users to use non-free software.

So, while supporting the language server protocol for _other_ servers is
something worthwhile, exposing Emacs functionality to other programs
through the LSP is not.

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