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Re: ELPA: new package coterm

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ELPA: new package coterm
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 18:08:01 -0400
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miha@kamnitnik.top [2021-10-12 20:57:53] wrote:
> I would like to submit a new package to ELPA.  It implements terminal
> emulation for comint buffers (for example M-x shell), allowing one to
> use more complex TUI programs such as "less", "mpv" or even "top" and
> "emacs -nw".

Cool, thanks, added.

Please make sure contributors have signed the copyright paperwork
*before* you accept their code.

> "Author:" header states my pseudonym and my alternative e-mail address.
> I hope that this doesn't cause any problems with respect to copyright
> assignment.  (The last commits in the git repository are signed with my
> main e-mail address.)

It's not a serious problem.  But could you send an email to
<assign@gnu.org> telling them about your alternative email address?
They can then add it in the database, so it's easier to check and will
avoid wasted work down the line when someone needs to check paperwork.

> There is a lot of duplicated functionality with term.el.  For
> information on the differences from [M-x term] and why I didn't reuse
> term.el functions, see the commentary section and the comment at the
> start of ";;; Terminal emulation" section.

IIRC Eshell tries to offer a similar functionality to coterm, tho in
a fairly different way.  I hope the two can be consolidated at
some point.


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