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Re: Problems generating the org-mode documentation

From: Marco Wahl
Subject: Re: Problems generating the org-mode documentation
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:25:00 +0200
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Hi Pedro,

> I'm trying to generate the documentation on a freshly pulled emacs-28
> branch with
> make doc
> and get the following error when creating  the org-mode documentation:
> [195] [196] Chapter 14 [197] [198] [199] [200] [201] [202] [203] [204] [205]
> [206] [207] Chapter 15 [208]
> ./org.texi:17579: TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [input stack size=5000].

Thanks for the report.

Possibly this has already been fixed in the Org source.  Not sure when
that fix will land in Emacs.

Possibly you want to check using a separate Org repo

    git clone https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/emacs/org-mode.git

and possibly switch to branch bugfix

    git checkout bugfix

Thanks again and HTH,

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