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Re: emacs-28 e55e2d4: ; * etc/NEWS: Minor copyedit about 'repeat-mode'.

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: emacs-28 e55e2d4: ; * etc/NEWS: Minor copyedit about 'repeat-mode'.
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 09:49:17 +0300
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>> This is more wrong than before.  'repeat-mode' can be disabled only
>> explicitly by the user.  Whereas any other key exits transient mode
>> enabled by 'set-transient-map'.
> I see. But even in its original wording, it confuses me:
>   Type 'M-x repeat-mode RET' to enable this mode.  You can then type
>   'C-x u u' instead of 'C-x u C-x u' to undo many changes, 'C-x o o'
>   instead of 'C-x o C-x o' to switch windows, 'C-x { { } } ^ ^ v v' to
>   resize the selected window interactively, 'M-g n n p p' to navigate
>   next-error matches.  Any other key exits transient mode and then is
>   executed normally.
> At first glance, I don't know what is "executed normally". The command?
> The key? But a key isn't "executed" I believe, it is rather handled.

Or more precisely: "The default key binding is used".

> And maybe it is also better to speak about "transient input mode", like
> in other places in NEWS? This would give a better idea what it is about
> to exit.

A transient input method is something completely different.

> (I'm not much familiar with "transient modes", and so will be most of
> the readers of this NEWS file)

>From (info "(elisp) Controlling Active Maps"):

 -- Function: set-transient-map keymap &optional keep-pred on-exit
     This function adds KEYMAP as a “transient” keymap, which takes
     precedence over other keymaps for one (or more) subsequent keys.

So maybe "transient mode" should be replaced with "transient keymap"?

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