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Re: A read-based grep-like for symbols (el-search?) (was Do shorthands b

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: A read-based grep-like for symbols (el-search?) (was Do shorthands break basic tooling (tags, grep, etc)? (was Re: Shorthands have landed on master))
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 08:00:46 +0000

I understand that it is intended to be a long-term solution, but it is not. We cannot convince all these library authors to change the way they write calls to Magnars' libraries, yet with the chosen solution, it will nonetheless be necessary to adapt each Elisp file they write, by changing the (require 's) into a (require 'magnars-string) and by adding a read-symbol-shorthands local variable at the end of these files.

I think there is a misunderstanding about how we plan to handle this. Unless I have misremembered, we plan to replace the file s.el with a simple file that sets up a shorthand for `s-' and loads magnar-string.el.

The programs that currently use s.el will require no change at all.

I fear you misremember something, indeed. The programs that use s.el will of course require a similar change. Otherwise how could Emacs know that the calls to s-trim in library frobnicate.el are to be understood as calls to magnars-string-trim?

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