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Re: bug#49265: [External] : bug#49265: 28.0.50; repeat mode feature requ

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: bug#49265: [External] : bug#49265: 28.0.50; repeat mode feature request
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 16:57:19 -0400
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>     Stefan> The \\<...> doesn't override all other maps, so the `undo` 
> command is
>     Stefan> still found to be bound to `C-x u` in the global map.
> Right. I think it should look *only* in the specified map, otherwise
> what's the point of specifying it?

The common case is to specify the keymap that will likely be active when
the command is used.

Maybe you're right that we shouldn't look elsewhere, but I'd be
surprised if there aren't docstrings that rely on the current behavior.

>     Stefan> But I agree that maybe `where-is-internal` could be told
>     Stefan> here to give precedence to bindings found in the
>     Stefan> \\<...> map.
> `where-is-internal' is not the issue. If you pass it (list keymap) it
> will look only in 'keymap'. But substitute-command-keys passes it
> 'keymap', which allows it to look in the global map as well.
> Perhaps something like this?

Sounds about right, tho it disregards other keymaps than `keymap` and
`global-map`.  Maybe we should do

    (or (where-is-internal fun (list keymap) t)
        (where-is-internal fun nil t))

instead to avoid this problem.


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