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Re: Alternatives for reliable build environments for emacs?

From: joakim
Subject: Re: Alternatives for reliable build environments for emacs?
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 23:35:08 +0200
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Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:

>> I'm finding it increasingly difficult to build emacs in my distro,
>> Fedora(Ok, I havent managed to build emacs using distro dependencies for
>> a long time)
> That's a serious problem for Emacs, so please report these as bugs.
> I use the kind of "stgit" setup you describe on Debian testing machines
> and have none of the problems you describe, so my guess is that Fedora
> is a bit more "bleeding edge" and the Emacs code gets adjusted for the
> new libs before they reach Debian testing.
> Maybe we should have a "bleeding edge Fedora" build VM in EMBA to catch
> those problems?

It seems my original mail somehow came out wrong.

I neglected to add this important piece of information:

My local build system is a complete insane mess, and I like it that way,
however, is there some other way to make other interesting insane build
systems for emacs, that also actually work and are productive?

Without this information it sounds like everything is broken except my
build, which isnt true.

With that said, I still think its reasonable to isolate builds to have
different dependency versions, in docker, chroots, guix, etc.

Sometimes you want to have newer, or older, versions of dependencies to
try things out.

>         Stefan
Joakim Verona

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