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Re: Variable pitch text filling

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Variable pitch text filling
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 08:58:29 +0200

> From: Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com>
> Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2021 13:19:39 -0800
> Cc: emacs-devel@gnu.org
> Yet another idea is to just not display anything in some states.  For
> example, I almost always edit Unicode files with Unix line endings, so I
> would only want an indication if this is *not* the case.

Patches to make this customizable will be welcome, I think.  We
already allow customization for the EOL indication.

But please keep in mind that an Emacs buffer doesn't only show files,
it also shows text from other sources.  For example, email, where
Unicode is not as common as files on certain platforms.  And even with
files, don't you see "-" there many times?  If not, it means you are
looking at ELisp files too much ;-)

> Maybe this is different on other platforms, but I expect this is
> fairly typical on GNU/Linux at least.

No, the most typical is to have "-" there, not U.  As long as you deal
mainly with ASCII files, that is.

> Similarly, maybe we don't need to show any indicator at all until a
> buffer is modified?

That indicator has very little to do with the buffer being modified,
so no, that will make little sense.  Moreover, having the indicator
pop up suddenly will attract attention and distract for no good

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