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Re: Against sqlite3!!!

From: Qiantan Hong
Subject: Re: Against sqlite3!!!
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2021 06:20:42 +0000

> Than implement a way for Emacs to dump lisp objects to files faster. It would 
> be
> very useful for Emacs in general.
I think for this question, the one-and-for-all solution is. to have a fully
incremental persistent object store, i.e. all mutation are stored
incrementally without ever needing to print out the “fully value”
of a Lisp value. What do you think?

resist!.el in its current form basically implemented a special case
of the above, where only mutation to the top level hash table 
is persisted incrementally.

I can’t see a way to implement persistent object store without
some non-trivial memory overhead, though (because each
object has to get an unique id). The best thing I can come up
with has to have a hash table that maps every object in the
store to a numeric ID. Is that too much?

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