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Re: Early backtrace.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Early backtrace.
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2022 09:47:34 -0500
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>> I have a similar hack here for the same reason ;-)
>> So a +1 from me (tho I'd recommend using the `debugger-` namespace
>> rather than `early-`).
> Thanks!  Maybe `debug-early' and `backtrace-early' would do for the two
> functions?  There isn't really a debugger- prefix that early in the
> bootstrap.

Namespace prefixes don't need to be created before we use them.
The point is just that `debugger-` is already used by definitions (in
`debug.el`) so we can reuse that space instead of messing up pristine
real estate.

> No, inside signal_or_quit, Vdebugger gets bound to Qdebug, so as to
> bypass the setting made in ERT.  Also it is filtered out by checking for
> not being in dump or bootstrap.  Instead, we should check Ffboundp
> (Qdebug) || Ffboundp (Qdebug_early).  Not difficult to do.

Oh, god, I didn't know (or forgot) about that horror.
We should throw it out: your code should make it obsolete.
E.g. we can take your new code as the default value of `debugger` and
only replace it with `#'debugger` when an interactive frame
is available.


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