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Re: Scroll bars on macOS builds

From: Brahimi Saifullah
Subject: Re: Scroll bars on macOS builds
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2022 20:10:26 -0300
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Alan Mackenzie <acm@muc.de> writes:

> With the current state of the git branch, flymake on a .el file now
> seems to be working for me.

Yes, Flymake is working perfectly now.

I did notice an issue with the warning for unused forms:

    value returned from (#<symbol + at 2> 1 1) is unused
    (from byte-compiling a file that consists of "(+ 1 1)")

I expect that the symbol should be used, not the symbol with
positions.  But it looks like this just got fixed a few hours ago
in master while my build was from before the merge.

While further testing this I also found a couple problems relating to
unused function arguments -- I'm unsure if they have anything to do with
the latest round of changes or not.

First, a bug:

    (defun f (a b c)
  ; ^^^ Warning: Unused lexical argument `a'
  ;      Warning: Unused lexical argument `b'

    "A B C."
    (+ 1 1))
  ; ^^^ Warning: Unused lexical argument `c'

You should be able to reproduce it by copying the above function
somewhere and byte compiling (sans the).

If the function consists of a single form, the position returned for
the last "unused lexical argument" will wrongly point to it.  In this
example, the warning about C being unused will instead point to `+'.

The second issue is that, even when the unused lexical argument warnings
work correctly, they always point to the "defun," and not to the actual
argument in question.  Not the end of the world of course, but it would
be nice for them to be more accurate.

> Again, many thanks for the help.

And thanks for the work you've done, faulty warning
positions had always been an annoyance of mine :)

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