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Re: Sv: Sv: Sv: Support for background transparency

From: Håkon Flatval
Subject: Re: Sv: Sv: Sv: Support for background transparency
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2022 20:47:37 +0100
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> BTW, this parameter should be set during frame creation

I have put `gui_default_parameter` calls in the relevant *fns-files.
I ended up putting it in wherever the 'alpha' frame parameter is set.

> The resource and class names should then be documented under
> (emacs)Table of Resources in the user manual.

I've added it with a very brief description. I noticed that the alpha
frame parameter is not mentioned there, although it is also accessible
through an X resource. I took the liberty to add it there, also with a
very brief explanation. Do tell if it should be left for another commit.

I also notice that it would be very handy with some link to the lispref
describing the frame parameters from these sections, but I don't suppose
that's easily doable.

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