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Re: Time to merge scratch/correct-warning-pos into master, perhaps?

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Time to merge scratch/correct-warning-pos into master, perhaps?
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2022 18:41:57 +0000

I think we need more measurements in scenarios closer to actual Emacs usage. One is intensive display operation -- I think Alan posted something to that effect. Another could be starting Gnus to read a large newsgroup. Yet another could be reindent a large piece of C or Python or Lisp code. Perhaps also "M-x occur" through a large buffer. Stuff like that -- any command that tends to be used frequently and is known to take a tangible amount of time.

The problem is that, IME, such benchmarks do not show anything when the slowdown is not significant enough (> 10%), because the measurements vary a lot depending on external factors. I wonder how Alan could conclude that there is a slowdown of "less than 1%", when I run his benchmark on my (otherwise unloaded) computer, the running times I get are anywhere between 17s and 20s. Taking the average of such measures does not really make sense.

However, I found one measurement that seems to give reasonably stable results. On my Debian bookworm computer, with a standard build, on src/xdisp.c, (benchmark-run 100 (occur "a.b")) needs on average (with 10 runs) 7.42 seconds (standard deviation 0.04) on 3b33a14380 and 7.66 seconds (standard deviation 0.05) on 7922131bb2. That's a >3% slowdown.

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