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Re: Horrible File menu

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Horrible File menu
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 17:46:04 +0800
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Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> writes:

>>> So by default, even when you don't use frames, these items take much
>>> space on the File menu:
>>>   (disabled) Delete frame
>>>   (disabled) Undelete frame
>>>   [X] Allow Undeleting Frames
>> "Delete Frame" is not a recent development.  It's been there for a long
>> time, along with New Frame and the various monitor and multi-tty related
>> variants of that.

> To make the menu shorter, does it make sense to hide "Delete frame"?

It does not.

> Especially the users who don't use frames would benefit from this.  Or
> at least not to show the disabled "Undelete frame" until "Delete
> frame" changes to the enabled state.

How does someone "not use frames"?  I thought that stopped being
possible with Emacs 19, when every X window became a frame.

> What do you think about another variant to make the menu shorter: to
> move frame items to the File>Frame submenu?

That I can agree with (but please let Eli and some other regulars
comment first), thanks.

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