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Re: Question about completion behavior

From: Ergus
Subject: Re: Question about completion behavior
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2022 15:03:31 +0100


I just added a new branch feature/completions-customs.

The changes there are minimal and finished in my opinion.  Whenever any
of the maintainers decide they can correct, fix, or merge into
master. (there is a small issue with the reference in the manual, so
please fix it, but I don't have any more time)

The changes include the max-height for completion window, a
completions-highlight-mode and the new values for completion-auto-help.


I didn't include the zcomplete-mode because I am not sure how to name it
and didn't receive any feedback except from Juri.  In total it is 53
lines and provides an interaction similar to zsh (as explained before)
which may be very suitable for new users.

Apart from that I am wondering if it makes sense to add an option to
propertise/configure the Initial line in the Completions buffer (there
is one to remove the help, but not the other)

(for example to remove it or add properties like intangible, a face etc)
could we also add a sort of counter there to indicate the total number
of candidates?


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