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Re: Convert README.org to plain text README while installing package

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Convert README.org to plain text README while installing package
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2022 16:31:35 +0200 (GMT+02:00)

Don't panic, Alan! 😁

The idea would be to only activate the font-lock rules of org (or 
markdown-mode, if available) while somehow protecting the package headers and 
help-mode footer section (i.e., the buttons).


04.06.2022 16:18:21 Alan Mackenzie <acm@muc.de>:

> Hello, Tassilo.
> On Sat, Jun 04, 2022 at 15:32:10 +0200, Tassilo Horn wrote:
>> Akib Azmain Turja <akib@disroot.org> writes:
>> Hi Akib,
>>> Packages on ELPA or NonGNU ELPA with README.org show pretty
>>> description both with describe-package and web browser.  But after
>>> installing a package, describe-package shows the Org source code,
>>> which contains many useless things (I mean useless for showing in the
>>> *Help* buffer).
>>> Isn't it possible to convert README.org to plain text README while
>>> compiling the package, possibly optionally?  Changing package--compile
>>> function should do the job.
>> An alternative would be to enable (parts of) org-mode in the *Help*
>> buffer.  I've just tried `M-x describe-package RET corfu RET` which
>> comes with a README.org and then enabling org-mode in the *Help* buffer.
>> That looked really nice and didn't seem to cause bad effects except that
>> the [back] / [forward] buttons stopped working.
> No, no, no, no!  Org mode is a highly complicated, obscure mode which is
> NOT part of core Emacs, and mustn't become so.  What you're proposing is
> a slippery slope, where ever greater portions of org mode would get
> pushed into the core, causing ever greater problems for those who do not
> use org mode.
> You pointed out one such problem yourself, org mode key bindings will
> take up key binding space currently used by other modes and by users.
> Surely the solution has got to be to encourage package authors to write
> plain text (or .texi) documentation, by pointing out the difficulties
> the non-standard .org format creates.
>> Bye,
>> Tassilo

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