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Deleting functions and variables obsolete since 24.1--24.3

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Deleting functions and variables obsolete since 24.1--24.3
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 15:11:06 -0700

Hi Emacs,

Emacs 24.3 was five major releases and over a decade ago.  In Bug#50999
we removed most libraries obsoleted in that version or older.  According
to our usual practices, this means that we could also remove any
functions or variables marked obsolete in that version or older.

However, it is a pretty big list, so I have divided up the work.
This first step (attached patch) removes *most* functions and variables
obsoleted in Emacs 24.1.

There are some items still remaining for 24.1.  If I couldn't pretty
much immediately figure out what was going on, I just left it alone.
This hopefully makes this first patch a bit easier to review.  The items
on this list should be doable by anyone, but ideally would get a closer
look by someone who is very familiar with the code:

    buffer-substring-filters          [Stefan Monnier]
    byte-compile-disable-print-circle [Stefan Monnier]
    compilation-parse-errors-function [Stefan Monnier]
    custom-show                       [Chong Yidong]
    font-lock-maximum-size            [Chong Yidong]
    font-lock-syntactic-keywords      [Stefan Monnier]
    pcomplete-parse-comint-arguments  [Chong Yidong]
    pcomplete-suffix-list             [Stefan Monnier]
    gnus-nntp-server                  [Stefan Monnier / Eric Abrahamsen]
    gnus-secondary-servers            [unknown: from Gnus trunk]
    nntp-authinfo-file                [unknown: from Gnus trunk]
    tooltip-use-echo-area             [Chong Yidong]

    (I have put the name of the person who obsoleted them in brackets
    for reference.)

Please chime up if you notice anything untowards, otherwise I will
push the attached to master in a week or two.  This list can be
reviewed before to the next release, but for now hopefully this
motivates any needed external updates.

The next step is the above items, and anything obsoleted in 24.2 and
24.3.  Thanks.

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