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Warning: Non-symbol arguments to cl-defgeneric

From: Stephen Leake
Subject: Warning: Non-symbol arguments to cl-defgeneric
Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2022 03:57:16 -0700
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I've just updated to emacs master HEAD
29c8866c7fcd325995c6fc9b2b18537855fee52c (last time I pulled was Dec
2021), and I'm now getting warnings like:

wisi-parse-common.el: Warning: Non-symbol arguments to cl-defgeneric: (parser 

wisi-parse-common.el:113:2: Error: Non-symbol arguments to cl-defgeneric: 
(parser wisi-parser)

The relevant code is:

(cl-defstruct wisi-parser
  ;; Per-language values for a wisi parser. Also holds transient
  ;; values set by the current parse, that must be used before the
  ;; next parse starts.

  ;; alist of (TOKEN-ID . STRING); used by repair error

  ;; Buffer holding history of communications with parser; one log per
  ;; parser instance.

  (transaction-log-buffer-size wisi-parser-transaction-log-buffer-size-default)
  ;; Max character count to retain in transaction-log-buffer. Set to 0
  ;; to disable log. Default is large enough for all transactions in
  ;; test/ada_mode-incremental_parse.adb with lots of verbosity.

(cl-defgeneric wisi-parser-transaction-log-buffer-name ((parser wisi-parser))
  "Return a buffer name for the transaction log buffer.")

What does this warning mean?

full file attached, if that helps.

-- Stephe

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