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Re: feature/fix-the-long-lines-display-bug c760d2ed16: * etc/PROBLEMS: R

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: feature/fix-the-long-lines-display-bug c760d2ed16: * etc/PROBLEMS: Remove the entry which is no longer relevant.
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 21:36:50 +0000

Gregory Heytings <gregory@heytings.org> writes:

>>> -*** Editing files with very long lines is slow.
>>> -
>>> -For example, simply moving through a file that contains hundreds of
>>> -thousands of characters per line is slow, and consumes a lot of CPU.
>>> -This is a known limitation of Emacs with no solution at this time.
>> I wish this were true, but AFAIK the problem is still very much
>> present. We deal with it a bit better, but that doesn't mean the
>> problem is gone. In my tests, editing the end of a 1MB single-line
>> JSON file is still basically not an option, for example.
> Please try the feature branch, and you'll see the problem is gone.

I just tried it out, and while it certainly is an improvement, I noticed
that the performance appears to depend on the direction the point moves.
E.g. I generated a long line using

     yes abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb | head -100000 | tr -d '\n' > long-line

and I could C-v to the end without any issues.  But M-v was
significantly slower.  The same applies to C-f vs. C-b.

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