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Re: Eglot to core [Was: rmsbolt.el [Was: Colorful line numbers]]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Eglot to core [Was: rmsbolt.el [Was: Colorful line numbers]]
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 13:52:12 -0400
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>> (which also means the upstream should *not* force push
>> even if the last push was "just a few minutes ago so surely noone will
>> notice") and a new release is made whenever the `Version:` header
> Dang, I shamefully confess I did exactly that some weeks ago to Eglot
> (with seconds instead of minutes).  But last I checked Eglot was still in
> the push-to-ELPA model, right?


> Sorry if I caused any trouble,

    % make fetch/eglot
    emacs --no-site-lisp --batch -l admin/elpa-admin.el -f 
elpaa-batch-fetch-and-show "eglot"
    Fetching updates for eglot...
    Upstream of eglot has DIVERGED!
      Local changes:
    c558fd6a24  43703153+ssnno..  Fix #965: Update link for Fortran language 
server fortls
    e0c08e7f68  47760695+jgart..  Close #961: Add support for 
      Upstream changes:
    29690e88e3  joaotavora@gma..  Always default eglot-strict-mode to nil
    c962f6e5f6  joaotavora@gma..  Rework table of contents in README.md again
    a62a388021  joaotavora@gma..  Fix README.md typos and rework section about 
Workspace configuration
    eed9a65515  joaotavora@gma..  Fix embarrassing paren-matching blunder in 
    a2d9e18945  joaotavora@gma..  Reply more reasonably to server's 
    87e6de3cdf  joaotavora@gma..  Appease byte-compiler warnings about wrong 
use of quotes
    1db95974a7  joaotavora@gma..  Per #967: eglot-workspace-configuration can 
be a function
    33c464f658  joaotavora@gma..  Per #131, #314: Be more conservative with the 
LSP identifier guess
    f62b641b5c  joaotavora@gma..  Per #131, #314: Guess the "LSP identifier at 
    25f6338741  joaotavora@gma..  Per #131: Tweak some details, fix some bugs
    c64fe76e86  joaotavora@gma..  Per #131: Cosmetic decisions guaranteed to 
tick off someone somewhere (tm)
    ae7261c1fe  joaotavora@gma..  Per #131: Experiment with grouping in 
    2f71de72e3  joaotavora@gma..  Fix #131: Make C-u M-. work half decently

So, yes, `eglot` in GNU ELPA is now stuck and you'll have to merge
`c558fd6a24` back into your upstream repo before it will start tracking
it again :-(

> Speaking of that, I'd like to get started with this sometime soon (maybe
> August,  around the corner).  I wonder if you know any Git technique that
> allows me to keep the history, at least of eglot.el so that is merged with
> Emacs's own history.  There was some `git subtree` command  to do this
> right?

As a one-time thing it's pretty easy.  You don't really need `git
subtree` for that.  Just do something like:

    git merge --no-commit --allow-unrelated-histories .../eglot
    git mv eglot.el lisp/
    git commit

Keeping it up if you keep hacking on the upstream is IMO an unsolved
problem (there are various hacks you can use, but they all suck one way
or another).


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