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Re: Eglot to core [Was: rmsbolt.el [Was: Colorful line numbers]]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Eglot to core [Was: rmsbolt.el [Was: Colorful line numbers]]
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2022 15:04:46 -0400
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>> So, yes, `eglot` in GNU ELPA is now stuck and you'll have to merge
>> `c558fd6a24` back into your upstream repo before it will start tracking
>> it again :-(
> OK done.  Let me know when it's running again.

Thanks, it's fine now.

I'll let others chime in for the details of where to put what.

[ Personally, I think the better option is to leave it in a separate
  repo/branch and integrate it via something like Git submodules.  ]

> What do you think of this plan, is it feasible?

If I were doing it I wouldn't like it (because of having to keep two
sides in sync), but it's probably feasible, yes.


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